Types of Car Insurance

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Information

Comprehensive auto insurance is the type of auto insurance that protects your car from most of the random sources of damage that would otherwise be considered “acts of God” or true accidents. When you purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy you must specify what types of coverage or which perils you want to include in your policy. The more coverage options you select the more costly this portion of your coverage will be.

Many of the comprehensive auto insurance options available are very specific and as such cost was a little less. Listed below are many common comprehensive auto insurance options. Not all of these are available or even necessary to purchase in all places, but they are here listed so that our customers may familiarize themselves with all of the comprehensive auto insurance options available to them through our agency.

Collision Insurance Information

Collision auto insurance protects you from the most common of property damage sources- car accidents. Collision coverage for your auto insurance policy will cost a little more than basic liability coverage, but that is because you are more likely to file an auto insurance claim under the collision portion of your auto insurance than any other. Collision insurance coverage provides auto insurance benefits for the damage or destruction of your property. This includes damage or destruction of your vehicle or the personal effects of anybody therein. For instance, if you get in an accident while your passenger is checking an email on their laptop, the laptop may fly through the windshield, but the cost will be covered by your collision auto insurance coverage.

Liability Auto Insurance Information

Liability auto insurance is the portion of your auto insurance policy that covers the cost of bodily injuries or property damages that you may inflict upon others while you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. If something is your liability it means that it is your responsibility (or fault if you wanna be a negative Nancy about it). This means that liability auto insurance is insurance that protects you from paying out of your pocket for damages you cause to others if you are found to be at fault in an accident. This liability auto insurance satisfies the financial responsibility requirements of all states.

These requirements vary from state to state however and so will the cost of your policy. Click on the button below to get free liability insurance quotes from The General and dozens of other auto insurance providers instantly.

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