Most Common Car Insurance Claims

There are plenty of liabilities in the world that threaten your vehicle’s safety. You could practice safe driving habits as much as you want, there will still be times where you will experience a loss that you will have to claim on your The General Auto Insurance policy. The best way to prevent these accidents is to be aware of them. Below, we have compiled the most common auto insurance claims.

Rear-End Accidents

The most common of all claims, these usually happen when a driver is stopped at a light or in bumper-to-bumper traffic.


This is an injury that is usually caused by accidents and sudden stops. Whiplash is when the head and neck instantly whip forward or backward, causing severe neck and spine pain.


Vandalism entails anything from someone keying your car to writing obscenities on it with a permanent marker. Vandalism isn’t covered by Liability Insurance or Collision Insurance so one would need Comprehensive Coverage to take care of the losses.


Damage to your windshield could be caused by a collision, rocks on the freeway, a branch, or an angry road rage driver. Depending on the circumstances, damage to your windshield could be covered by comprehensive or collision coverage.


Car theft is a very common claim. If your car is stolen, comprehensive insurance will cover the replacement value of the vehicle after you pay the deductible. IF your car is retrieved, your insurance will cover any damages made to the car.

The claims mentioned above are some that drivers are most likely to encounter. Protect yourself from these damages by obtaining a The General Car Insurance policy. If you would like us to help you find the best rates on insurance, request a The General Auto Insurance Quote! It’s instant and free!

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